NXT Takeover WarGames Blog pt.2: The War!

I am in awe! This was the first NXT Takeover I have ever experienced and It was the best wrestling event I have been to. The overall experience is truly amazing and I wish it could last longer because I had to much fun!

There isn’t much to say since but NXT Takeover was the best show out of the weekend. I was so pleased with the outcome of the PPV and I am so glad i got to meet some of my friends from the IGWC.

My top two favorite matches was Dream vs Ciampa and the WarGames match. Dream was by far the most over superstar in the Staples Center and we were all hoping to see him walk out as champion but that did not happen. Also the near falls kept me up out of my seat, I really was standing up for most of that match.

WarGames was something else and I was left speechless. When the cage was lowering and the sirens was blaring in the arena, I had goosebumps and had chills. I really could not believe I was going to watch a WarGames match live. Of course I did the “boom” and “Adam Cole Bay Bay” chant during the Undisputed Era’s entrance and that was so much fun. The overall match was so amazing, each special move was so unique and Ricochet’s flip off the cage was a piece of beauty.

I am so happy that I went to my first NXT Takeover! I do hope to go to another Takeover soon. Here are some pictures and clips from my time there. There are clips of the event on my Instagram and Youtube so go check it out! See you guys in the next Blog!

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