Wednesdays with Goldblum

This is officially the first blog of 2019 (why did i wait until February? get it together Frida!). Just to summarize my goal in 2019, I really hope to explore more of LA and even travel out of LA. I also have a goal to improve my blogs more and to be consistent with blogging since i really enjoy blogging my journeys with you guys. Ok, now lets talk about my night at Rockwell.

If you know me very well, I get very anxious very easily and i would arrive to an event really early and this was no different. I am very grateful for my dad  for taking me to all these events and being very supportive of me, so he dropped me off at the parking and I met up with my friend. My good friend Nadine was the one who first introduced me to Jeff Goldblum and how he plays at Rockwell mostly every Wednesday. I’ve seen the band perform before at the LA Phil 100 festival (link to that blog here) but my goal was to always go to Rockwell since it’s more of a diner vibe. As I entered Rockwell and went to the diner area where Goldblum would be performing, I noticed that Rockwell is smaller than expected so now I see why tickets sell out very quickly.

We sat down and we were greeted by the waiter who offers water and gives us the menu. I ate right before I arrived so I was not really that hungry, so my friend and I decided to order the Truffle Parmesan Fries and the Skillet Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie. That cookie is heaven, I legit fell in love with that desert and I know when I return to Rockwell, the skillet cookie is a must order for me. Jeff was doing his mic check and he would walk around and say hi to all of the guest so, we got to say hi before and Jeff obviously noticed the Loki ears I was wearing.

The show would officially begin and we sat next to the stage so we were right next to the drummer and they began playing. Jazz will always be my favorite genre, it is something that can not be duplicated. Each live show is going to be different, different people will improvise each time and it is what makes jazz very unique. After a few tunes, Jeff would give trivia and we would have to answer it. This goes on for an hour and then there is an intermission.

As the band relax, this is the time where Jeff would do his meet and greets and i was legit panicking. My friend and I got up and started to go to the line and we waited until we got to meet him. As we got closer, I started to shake and get nervous and once I was next, I was panicking. So now it was my turn to meet jeff and omg he held my hand and i was panicking, I could not even speak, he squeezed my hand and I was going to cry! Jeff is such a sweet heart and also said that our hands are making squishy sounds (in a very goldblum way) and I am so grateful to meet such a amazing actor and musician. My friend would also take a picture with him and even show him her custom Jeff Goldblum bag (which he absolutely loved).

Once intermission was over, Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra would play a couple of more tunes and that was the show. My overall thought was that the show was so amazing, Goldblum really puts in the effort to interact with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. After the show I also got to talk to guitarist John Storie for a lil bit. I had the best time of my life at Rockwell and I do plan on going again real soon 💗.

Thank you guys for reading and I plan on posting consistently. Keep up with all my social medias and sign up for updates on whenever I post.

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