She really did that!?!?

To start off, this is not a review of the movie Captain Marvel but I will be talking about the movie so SPOILERS AHEAD (I’ll warn you when I’m talking about a spoiler). This blog is really more about my thoughts and the bigger picture for society when Captain Marvel premiered at theaters this past week.

All I can say is, Brie Larson is a fucking bad-ass and I love her performance as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. My thoughts about the bad reviews and the boycotts from white males almost scared me a bit. But in the end of the day, it is just stupid, ignorant white males (not all males, yay males who support Captain Marvel!) who are scared of female empowerment and are scared for change in society. As a Latina growing up, there was not a lot of representation on the big screen and now females are taking over and there are more female leads, directors, screenwriters, composers, and more. There is still more work to be done but we are headed in the right direction and especially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I felt empowered and amazing after watching Captain Marvel and kuddos for the entire cast for blowing the box office this past weekend. Can we talk about the Stan Lee tribute in the beginning? I seriously cried so much. Now to the movie itself, It was amazing and the relationship between Carol and Maria was truly amazing because it showcased how Carol and Maria are amazing with Maria feeling alone without Carol those years she thought that Carol was dead. Maria inspiring her onscreen daughter was amazing that chemistry was amazing to see. The End Credits KILLED ME though! Really built Carol as the hero the avengers need and the key to defeat Thanos in EndGame.
Spoilers Finished!

As for how I would rank this movie, Civil War will always be my favorite but Captain Marvel is in my top 5 favorite MCU movie. I can not wait to see Carol Danver’s role in Avengers: EndGame.
And for what is next for the future? I hope there would be a role for America Chavez in the MCU and I can not wait to audition for the role one day 🖤.

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