Thank You Marvel Cinematic Universe


On May 2nd of 2008, a “small” movie called Iron Man was released in theaters. I did watch it in theaters with my family but as a 8 year old, all I cared about was all the “booms” and action. As i grow older and 11 years has passed by, I understand so much and the first movie has so much meaning.

Iron Man (2008, Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios)

This entire franchise started with one movie and grew in these past 11 years into basically an empire. There was clearly a few flaws throughout the years like many plot holes and just bad writing and character development but it’s like anything you do in life, there are major improvements and it is a learning experience. That is what makes Marvel so amazing, we are learning as well that for the past 11 years, we watched them learn to develop so many character’s arc like Tony Stark who went from a self centered playboy to a loving father and willing to put himself in danger for the safety of the universe.

This blog will obviously be all over the place just like my emotions for this amazing franchise. But I seriously had tremendous love for everything Marvel has to offer from the soundtrack to amazing visuals. I have watched every movie when it was released, I would go because my brother would make me go but I think as each movie came out, my love for the franchise grew. I knew I was in love with a spacial franchise when I went to go watch Civil War in theaters with my friends. It was the first movie that I was not forced by my family to go watch with them but I put in the effort to go and watch Civil War with my friends on opening day. Civil War always has a place in my heart as my favorite MCU movie of all time (which EndGame might top, who knows).

Captain America: Civil War (2016, Marvel Studios)

So when people ask me if watching all 22 movies is necessary, my answer would be an obvious yes. EndGame is literally a culmination of ALL 22 movies. Each movie plants a seed or is a major plot to move forward. When people thought that AntMan and The Wasp would not be important at first but that movie is literally the foundation and key point of EndGame. Without the Quantum Tech, the dusted would have not returned.

AntMan and The Wasp (2018, Marvel Studios)

I want to End this with a Thank You. Thank you Kevin Feige for being the head of such a amazing franchise and bringing this all together. Thank you to all the writers and directors who worked for the past 11 years. Thank you to all the stunt crew, visual effects team, sound team, set builders, all the crew who work on set and behind the screens, you guys are the unsung hero. Thank you to ALL the cast who brought these characters to life and being such amazing role models. And thank you to Robert Downey Jr for starting off this franchise. Who knew that an improved line “I Am Ironman” would change everything. Thank you and I love you 3000 Marvel 🖤.

Avengers Endgame Cast at the Los Angeles World Premiere

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