My D23 Experience

This past weekend I had the absolute best day of my life when I went to D23. I only had the chance to go on day 1 of the event but I still managed to do some stuffs in the convention. If you haven’t been to D23 before and want to see how it is like for someone who is NOT a Gold Member and DOES NOT have stage pass reservations, here is that experience.

I arrived to the Anaheim convention center around 7:30am and I was already greeted to the security line. The time it took to get through security was not long, UNTIL hall E gets packed and you’re stuck outside because its a full capacity. I did not enter the convention until 10am because security stopped the line for 1 hour and 30 min. My friend had a extra pass for me to be at the Legends Panel but I decided that since I entered so late, I was going to walk on the main floor instead and explore.

I explored all of the main floor and I was especially at the Marvel Booth and Disney + booth majority of the time. I had fun at the interactive photo booths and made some friends while I was in line.

My friend left the Legends Panel and last minute we decided to try and attend the Disney+ panel. We got in line at 1pm and waited until 3:30pm to try and enter the panel. We got our wristbands around 2pm and we made it inside the panel.

I had a absolute blast inside the panel and I would go into details of what we saw but majority are trailers that are already out or exclusive clips that we could not record for specific reasons. I will update this blog if you guys want me to go into details of exclusive clips that we saw in the panel like Marvel’s What If teaser trailer and scenes from two upcoming disney+ movies. We were also gifted with a Disney+ Cap and a We Love You 3000 pin.

Once the panel was finished, my friend and I decided to go visit the booth for Avengers Campus and the detail were amazing. There was a interactive area where you can feel like tony stark and have jarvis with you while you move the model around (it’s hard to explain so i’ll put a video)

That was basically my entire day at D23 and I had a absolute blast (even if the advanced reservation was a absolute disaster). My advice is that you have to go all 3 days because there is a lot to do and prepare yourself to sleep overnight on the concrete floor.

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– Fridaa

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